What Do I Do With All This Fruit?

IMG_1798No Aussie backyard is worthy of the name that doesn’t have a lemon tree so, of course, at this time of year we have a glut of lemons. And limes. In fact, I’m harvesting two kinds of limes and have a third too young to fruit. I grew them partly with a plan to turn the Tahitian limes into cordial, but the Red Centre and Finger limes were as much for the novelty value as anything… I like growing stuff. But now what do I do with all this fruit!?

I have to admit, part of the reason for all the citrus (I also have a mandarin and orange) is that they’re easy to grow and give a reliable crop. I could have chosen something else but size and uncertainty made me go with the easy option. But if I’m going to have a useful crop, there is no easy option. I either need to rip out a tree or two and invest in something different, or go to the trouble of making cordial.

Most of us bear ‘fruit’ in some area of our life, but it takes a little effort and risk to turn it into something special.